BALDI vs Humpty Dumpty

Who is Baldi?
Baldi is the titular main antagonist in Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning. Baldi is the head teacher of Here School, giving the Player math problems to solve in the notebooks to collect them. After the math problems are solved correctly (or incorrectly), the notebook disappears, storing it into the counter from how many notebooks the player obtained, seen on the top left on the heads-up display. He also owns a bus, originally owned by Joe. Baldi is a poorly modeled CGI (computer-generated imagery) human figure with long, skinny fingers, pale-tan skin, large red lips, and is bald except for what seems to be a singular hair on his head. He also has a long-sleeved green shirt, blue pants, and light brown shoes. Even though he has no visible ears, the description mentions that Baldi still has an excellent sense of hearing. Baldi at the start of the game. Personality
Baldi is known for his eerily nonchalant demeanor, and his dangerous personality is not immediately evident. He carries a facade of friendliness and a relaxed demeanor, though it most likely is his default mental state. He warmly greets students in a friendly fashion and uses positive reinforcement when they correctly answer his questions. He loves math and believes everyone else does. His love of math is so strong, other people failing to answer a math question shatters his psyche, and he undergoes a disturbing personality change. His formally talkative and affable nature completely disappears, and he drastically changes into a cold man keen on delivering corporal punishment for the minor mistake. It's also possible that Baldi's mental stability is only seen when people follow what he wants. He slaps his ruler in his hand like some sort of compulsive habit, and slowly but surely chases his quarry, growing faster the angrier he gets. After collecting notebooks, he gives students a chance to leave the school, albeit in a limited time span and laughs at their escape efforts. It is unknown if he is a psychopath or sociopath, but given he manages a school, the former is more likely. cit

Game mode
History mode
The game will start in a school. The goal is to collect 7 notebooks scattered around the map without getting caught by Baldi, the main antagonist [5]. Besides Baldi, you can find other topics, each with a different skill. Every time a dial is taken, a new screen will open in which some mathematical operations must be solved [6]; the first notebook will be completely solvable, even if starting from the second one, the last quiz is not the solution because of an intentional glitch that makes an illegible sequence of overlapping numbers appear on the screen. At that point Baldi will activate and chase after the player throughout the school, moving jerkily towards his position and increasing his speed with each failed quiz. Once you have taken the seven notebooks, you will have to go to the exit to be able to win, but not before having identified three false exits during the escape. During this phase, the whole school will turn red and a noisy sound effect will start.

Endless mode
In version 1.3 of the game the "Infinite Mode" has been added. A difference in the History mode will be to collect as many notebooks as possible before getting caught by Baldi. In addition to this, the game mechanics are unchanged.

Baldi: The main enemy of the game. It is activated when the player incorrectly responds to one of his problems. He is also the only character to whom the game is over. Baldi will move jerkily towards the game and become faster with every wrong operation. His movements are accompanied by the sound of the line that Baldi repeatedly beats on the hand. The player can use the objects scattered around the school to repel Baldi.
Principal of the Thing: he is the principal of the school and is one of the first obstacles one encounters. You will see the player in the corridors, use consumable items or enter restricted rooms. He will remain in the detention room where he will watch for 15 seconds with an additional 15 times the player will be captured. At 60 seconds the first punishments will last 99 seconds. This will make us vulnerable to Baldi.
Playtime Girl: it looks like an ugly and disturbing drawing depicting a little girl jumping rope and an obstacle that appears very often. His presence will be announced by a somewhat distorted childish music. When I come into contact with the player, a mini game per race will certainly be completed, blocking it and thus making it vulnerable to Baldi. The mini game is about having to jump a certain number of times and, in case of error, you will have to start over again. It is possible that the mini-game is the "safety scissors" object.
He is a bully: he is the school bully. It is an aspect that will remain fixed in one point of the map forcing the player to change direction or sacrifice an object to continue. If the enemy "Principal of the Thing" passes in its vicinity while blocking the player, it will take it away freeing the passage.
Gotta Sweep: the "janitor" of the school, is a giant green broom that will "sweep" the player along his path. He can direct him against Baldi or remove him from him. He is able to "sweep" other topics too, with the exception of IS a bully.
1st Prize: is a robotic character always looking for the game. It is a behavior similar to that of Gotta Sweep, but as a first default follows, 1st prize will always move towards the player, thus starting to accelerate more and more and one pushing it towards Baldi, also covering the view. Its presence is announced by a mechanical sound that gets stronger when approaching. The player can also use it to get away at full speed from Baldi, thus avoiding running and consuming energy. He is the only character in the game to have a 3D texture.
Arts and Craftsmen: Arts and Craftsmen is a sock-shaped puppet that will activate only at the seventh quadrant, accompanied by a very annoying sound. Once the player is reached, he will be teleported with Baldi to the starting point of the game.