Disney Luca vs Sonic

In this video Luca the new character of famous film of Disney Pixar enter in Sonic World, He will can survive from sonic?
Now I want to speak more about Luca the new film from Disney, this film is all set in Italy, it's my country! that's why I love him particularly! 
Everything has been studied in detail, from the script to the setting!
Watch with your eyes the detail of city!

WOW! Do you see? It's so similar!!
Also in Luca the character have a special type of modelling and texturing created by Pixar
"Sketch from Film"
In collaboration between multiple teams, spanning animation, art, characters, effects, lighting, simulation and tools, and global technology—is seamless and stylized. Says Skaria, “Our driving theme in technical was, ‘Let the modeler just model, and then we’ll figure out everything around it.”
“We tried to do that with the rest of our department, too,” adds Albright. “For example, when we were working on Luca’s human model and the sea monster model, even though we knew they needed to transform, we didn’t want the modeling process to be constrained by knowing they had to transform and being concerned that everything had to match up. Instead, we had the same person model both of those, Tanja Krampfert, and she worked on them simultaneously. It was always clear: ‘Make the best sea monster you can. Make the best human you can. We’ll figure out the transformation later.’ We did that at every stage.”